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Arduino Word Clock

I saw a very nice-looking clock in a store. It used LEDs to light up words to track the time (“IT IS TWENTY FIVE TO FOUR PM”), and the design was gorgeous. It was also $1700. However, inspired by the design, I have assembled a smaller version with inexpensive materials. The clock is in debugging […]

Light Vest on hold

After an unfortunate amount of noodling around with the light vest, I still haven’t been able to optimize all cost components — the weatherproofed lights, shipping, and (unexpectedly) the fabric pouches — to the point where manufacturing vests for sale makes sense. My margin of profit would be small enough that even a single return […]

Consuming a C++ Library from Swift

Learning Swift This year, I had the opportunity to learn Swift for a project. At the outset, I have to admit that I’m a novice at Objective-C and the language never “clicked” for me, so jumping into Mac-style development was quite a challenge! Additionally, the very first project I was thrown into contained bits in […]

Delays and Backup Plans

The EmuLight Vest is unfortunately delayed — primarily due to my day job preventing me from allocating time to it; also due to some obstacles I’m having with one of the fabric components. I’m still hoping to put at least the first handful of units on sale soon — the prototype vest has now clocked […]

Return of the Hex Color Widget

I wrote a helper application for super-quick RGB and hexadecimal tinkering many years ago. After reinstalling my OS for the umpteenth time, I finally found that it simply will not run — targeting .NET 1.1 is just “too old” for my current machine. I quickly rebuilt it against a current framework, and am therefore re-releasing […]

EmuLight Vest Update

Today, I’ve wrapped up the final adjustments to the first prototype vest. The vest has been tested by a couple of other people, including an elite triathlete. Some issues with the AA battery setup, and with the software and light patterns were identified, and goals have been set for the next round of prototypes. There […]

Under Development: EmuLight Vest

As winter sets in, I find myself running in dusk and dark conditions frequently. A number of options are on the market for reflective vests, vests with static lights, and vests with simple flashing lights, but I thought, why not add a bit of style? This leads me to present the EmuLight Vest! This weather-resistant […]